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Epic Results was founded by Rick Galasieski in 2002 as an internet marketing company specializing in lead generation, and was a pioneer in CPA campaign management. Through the years, Epic Results has transformed into a Strategic Growth Business Advisory firm, helping companies reach their untapped growth potential.
We recognized that some companies have great ideas / products / services, but lack the proper culture, organizational structure and business tools necessary to effectively operate and strategically grow their business.

When a prospective client would inquire about online sales and leads, we always asked them about their sales strategy, marketing budget, and future growth plans. It quickly became apparent; a lot of them did not have answers to these questions and what they did have lacked vision, execution and accountability.
Therefore, we started helping companies develop their sales and marketing action plans. When we started to execute the plan, it led to uncovering other problems with the company’s operational and organizational structures.  

These businesses may have had a good product or service that filled a want or need in the marketplace. Unfortunately, without a clear vision for the future and proper structure and culture in place, they will not reach their untapped growth potential. 

Did you know, by the fifth year in business, about half of all businesses fail according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Businesses with at least $2 million in annual net revenue and ten plus employees, will eventually reach an inflection point where they will continue to grow or they will fail.  In the case of failure, many of these businesses lacked the vision, expertise, and the ability to execute that is necessary to attain that next level of growth.

​Epic Results can help your company past this inflection point by providing the guidance to redefine the culture (if needed), streamline your operational processes, define your sales and marketing action plan, improve your payment settlement solution, and establish the corporate structure necessary to take the business to that next level of growth. 

Mr. Galasieski and his team work directly with business owners / CEOs / entrepreneurs to define a clear and obtainable vision for their business. Our strategic growth system is customized to meet the needs of your business and will be implemented by you and your leadership team with our guidance and support.